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Name AATHER NAME // Rokudou Mukuro 「六道骸」
Age 15 all around
Team Ruby

Height/Build 177.5cm (5'9"ish) // 62kg (136.6lbs)
Hair Color/Eye Color Blue hair // left eye is blue, right eye is red with a 六 (6) over the pupil
Notable Traits Hair has a zig-zag part and looks a bit ... pineappley on top. Has some faint scarring. Derpaderp marks on his wrists/arm and at least his side? And left ankle/leg. lol amano.

Other his mind is a veritable land of joy. And by joy ... Mukuro really hates the world, though he's less kill it alllllllll in Aather, his mindspace is not a pleasant place to hang out in.
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Please fill this out if you're going to play /o/
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THAT WAS SO LAZY i guess i also take questions.
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You ask me stuff, I ask you stuff in return and it's the circle of life '-' (and then we all get eaten by lions and fertilize the grass blah blah).

I play Acedia/Mukuro and Milady/Alexiel. I used to play Aeris and Pride/Break. And I NPC Beauty, Cheshire, Dream, Three and I did some of Anansi in the last plot!

I'll get to tags tonight or tomorrow I promise *^*

Also a PSA that I'll be on early schedule Fri/Sat and Sun! Back to my normal later schedule on Mon through the rest of the week.
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warnings for lots of things, but esp gore and tttorture probably.
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For Acedia, Aeris and Alexiel.

I also NPC Sleeping Beauty, Cheshire Cat, Dream and Three of Three and will field questions about them as well, though I retain the right to ~ * spoilers * ~ not answer.

ASK ME THINGS. I will be picking at this for at least a week +A+!
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Basically this is everything that Mukuro does that has no other real explanation.

+ blocking Mammon's sticky paper / general psychic elusiveness ...
+ dreamwalking / whatever whatever mindwalking i d e k
+ more internal organization / awareness / fiddly stuff in that respect
+ probably better like idk hiding his energy or whatnot NOT ACTUALLY THAT RELEVANT ...
+ and then this is a loophole for any other random psychic shit he ends up doing or did that I forgot.

BUT BASICALLY THE ONLY REALLY RELEVANT PART (unless your are psychic or otherwise sensory-sensing-whatnot) IS THAT ACEDIA IS NOW GOING TO 'SLEEP' FOR LONGER CHUNKS OF TIME ... because he's going to go wander through other people's dreams :Db

So you should let me know if he can wander into your dream/head :|a (outside of a dream post!) and what might be there . . . and if you ever want to thread it out or whatever I would be totes game yes ♥
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Which is different from "an outing with lancia" (triv pos).

Sometime in the few year period where he was younger. Going somewhere with Lancia, idk market and having a good time. It's trivial neutral because he also knows he was getting close to Lancia for his own purposes blah blah family slaughter on the horizon blah blah. And because he kind of liked it which was in contradiction to his WORLD KILLINATIONNNNNNNN. Mixed feelings!
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It's been over a month. Ha ha ha.

Ask me stuff about Mukuro or Aeris or Dream or Three or Beauty or Cheshire Cat I suppose!

I prefer specific questions to general! And any plot or NPC questions I reserve the right to deflect.
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So, illusions are . . . illusions!

Illusions are essentially sustained through belief. So, like, "I REALLY BELIEVE THERE IS A WALL HERE" and there will be a wall there.

+ The better you know something, the stronger and easier the illusion is to conjure! So illusioning your twin that you see every day would be easier than illusioning Uncle Bob that you only see every 2 years.

+ The stronger your will, the stronger the illusion is. This is mostly important when it bumps up against reality. IE, I am going to illusion this wall EVEN WHEN THERE WASN'T ONE BEFORE. So your will is basically overriding the reality that there was no wall there.

+ The willingness to believe (like, strongly believe in a deep seated way) things that aren't there and in yourself and your own reality makes a huge difference :|b Self delusion and delusion about the world helps ;D

+ On the flip side you also need to know exactly what IS your reality, otherwise the illusions can get away from you. And either dissolve or just become weird shit (like if your mind wanders too much) or you can just get lost in the reality/unreality crap.

+ Aather powercap tends to hit this pretty hard. So a major illusion can't be sustained for longer than 10 minutes, probably. A smaller one can't be maintained for much longer than 20min to an hour and a half. ETC ETC.

+ BECAUSE THEY ARE REBORN ILLUSIONS THEY CAN ALSO BE USED FOR LIKE. REAL THINGS. Like healing injuries temporarily or if you made a parachute to save someone who jumped off of a building and were a good enough illusionist . . . it would work. WE TRY TO NOT THINK ABOUT THAT TOO MUCH.
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Because you know I can't shut up.

I play Acedia (Mukuro Rokudou) and Aeris. Annnnddd I NPC Dream, Three, Beauty and Cheshire Cat!

And sometimes I mod, when I'm bored of throwing spitballs at Zazzle.
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O GOD SO THIS MEMORY IS BASED ON CHATTING AND FIC WRITTEN BY @Hieronymousb on plurk. Because we are Moekuro braintwins. A-and it is a moment in tiny Mukuro's life after the Estraneo when they were ~on their own~ exercising ~survival skills~. In a moment of "brilliance" someone almost drowned in a river.

yyyyeeesss . . . highly embarrassing egotistical seven/eight year old antics that involve grandstanding in slippery rocks.

Motherfuckin' genius.

a gold necklace. you put on the necklace to see the memory, which will play five times before fading to nothing

also untaken: estraneo annihilation (SigPos) [ nailpolish, sharable up to 5 times ] )
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Interactive SotU/whatever whatever heart room ganking.

ASK ABOUT AN ASPECT IN ACEDIA OR AERIS'S LIFE or a relationship and I'll give you a symbolic item or room to dick with. I will probably be playing with this on and off this week even when on hiatus so \:D/;; ...
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This page and this page.

Pretty much the solidified decision to kill the world. And then killing his familyyyyy. It was positive because it is a lot of conviction and getting rid of inconvenient things :'D; and just well. It felt pretty good to slaughter the Estraneo Family, dudes! But now it's a bit more neutral with conflicting crap and everything and perspective and what not.

Sharable up to 5 times!

(NTS: Untakens:
23 • "Mukuro's" jailbreak out of the high security prison. (TriNeu) [gear, sharable up to 7 times]
24 • i used to be a 'yes man' until i started saying 'no' (c) (TriNeg) [chocolate minty leaf, not sharable ]
25 • estraneo annihilation (SigPos) [ nailpolish, sharable up to 5 times ] )
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